Tuesday, January 26, 2021


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    Being obsessed isn’t a bad thing when you are witnessing beautiful landscapes, connecting with nature, and learning to respect the very creature you are hunting. Only hunters understand the feeling of hunting a trophy animal and that doing so only causes you to crave that feeling more. We help hunters connect with their primal instincts and to feed that craving of being a trophy hunter.

    For the past 20 years its been my passion and at certain times of the season it’s an obsession. No matter the animal nor the weapon, it’s all about connecting with nature and hunting like God intended us to do. I created this magazine to help others just like me feed that craving with deer hunting tips, product reviews, management tips, hunting news, and more. It’s a life long obsession of wanting to feel that wonderful feeling of harvesting a trophy animal. Such elusive creatures deserve only to be harvested by the best hunters that have put in their time and have respect for nature and Her wonderful gifts.

    Together, we can increase our success of being trophy hunters. Being committed to reading and learning all we can to be the best at what we have chosen as a hobby and an obsession. Other writers and experts will post information so there is more variety and a well rounded source of hunting advice. Our intentions are to help motivate and educate other passionate hunters of all ages and to hopefully help bring you success in bagging a trophy animal. It’s our responsibility to pass the sport and ethics of hunting to the next generation of hunters.